7075 Ultra-high-strength Aluminum Alloy

7075 Ultra-high-strength Aluminum Alloy

BEW 7075 super-hard strength aluminum alloy always be used for aerospace structural material.

Product Details

Tianjin Baienwei(BEW) company manufacture super-hard strength aluminum alloys which possess the lightweight-high tensile strength-high fatigue strength features,such as the BEW 7055,BEW 7050 and BEW 7034 aluminum alloys for aerospace and other allied applications.

Aluminum alloys have the features of low density, high specific strength, excellent hot workability and corrosion resistance, and are widely used in military and civilian fields.Ultra high-strength aluminum alloys generally refer to an aluminum alloy with the yield strength of 500 MPa or more, commonly refer to 7XXX super-hard aluminum alloys.Initially,these series of 7XXX super-hard aluminum alloys were studied under the background of aerospace applications,and nowadays have developed into the main structural parts material for military and civil aircraft all over the world,accounting for 70-80% of the aircraft structural parts, replacing the expensive titanium in many fields,also it becomes indispensable and essential lightweight structural material.Since the continuously development of modern aerospace,nuclear and transportation industries,more requirements have been put forward for the comprehensive performance of the structural material.New generation of ultra-high strength aluminum alloy integrating light weight, high strength, high toughness, high fracture toughness and stress corrosion resistance are undoubtedly the first choice.Thus,ultra-high strength aluminum alloy has been a hot spot of research and development in domestic and abroad.


For many years’ experience,Tianjin Bainwei New Material Technology Co.,Ltd has been committed to the research and development and production of ultra-high-strength aluminum alloy.  Our company's R&D team has further optimized the rapid solidification process based on the spray forming (also known as spray deposition) process, successfully solving the strength of ultra-high strength aluminum alloy,for example,low strength, macro segregation, and plasticity problems, and the alloy is excellent in toughness and corrosion resistance while greatly improving strength. The high-strength aluminum alloy grades that have been produced are BEW 7075,BEW 7050, BEW 7055 aluminum alloy and so on. Figure 1 is a scanning electron micro-graph of the tensile fracture of Baienwei ultra-high strength aluminum alloy pipe. It can be seen from the figure that there are several obvious dimples in the tensile fracture, indicating that the material has good toughness. The performance of the ultra-high-strength aluminum alloy produced by the rapid solidification process and conventional casting is shown in Table 1.