The Characteristic Of The Electronic Al-Si Alloys

- Mar 10, 2017-

With the rapid development of modern electronic information technology, electronic system and components towards the direction of miniaturization, high integration, high reliability,which lead electronic packaging put forward higher requirements.Electronic packaging for carrying,protecting chips and connecting lines,must have good mechanical properties,weldable and adequate machined strength and stiffness,heat-dissipation as well as appropriate thermal expansion; for the aerospace packaging material also requires as low density as possible, tightness hermetic. The performance of packaging materials directly affect the reliability and longevity of the whole electronic components.The available packaging materials,such as Kovar, Cu-Mo etc is difficult to meet above requirements.Therefore it’s imminent to development high performance packaging materials.

Al-Si electronic packaging materials with the benefits of low coefficient of thermal expansion,high thermal conductivity,low density,good processing, plating and welding properties, by adjusted the proportion of Al and Si to reach different CTE,especially for the application of aerospace microwave circuit,high-power integrate circuit,carriers,electronic optical frame and other high-precision areas. In addition,features of Al and Si raw materials are rich,lower expanse and friendly environmentally, particularly for long time applied. Therefore, Al-Si electronic packaging with the high performance is a hot issue for researchers, for example, the renowned Osprey fabricate various of CE alloys owned high-performance characters,domestic Beijing Institute of Nonferrous Metals, North Branch, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Central South University and other research institutions carried out research, but few large Scale of industrial production reports.

Tianjin Baienwei New Material Technology Co., after several years of R&D,the rapid development of spray forming technology used for production of high performance Al-Si electronic packaging materials.The formation of high-performance Al-Si raw materials to the production of deep processing industry chain, with an annual output of 3600 tons of raw materials, finishing shell type of 300,000 sets of production capacity.Baienwei has passed the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System(QMS) and National Military Standard(GJB) Certification, entered into massive production and application stage.The production of Al-Si electronic raw material has equiaxed and homogeneous grains(average grain size is 10 um),high surface roughness and no macro segregation,which greatly enhance the comprehensive performance.Finished high-precision package products have accurately dimension,outstanding weldability and platability, won the customers’ recognition and achieved economic and social benefits. Also,Baienwei offer exclusive and customize services according to customers’ industry attributes.Rapid Solidification alloy microstructure is shown in Fig.1,



Fig.1 Rapid Solidification Alloy Microstructure


The successfully development and application of spray forming high-performance Al-Si packaging materials provides strong support and protection for China’s electronic technology. Aluminum silicon alloys has the advantages of excellent performance,cheap and low density, will replace the expensive and bulky conventional packaging materials in further market prospects.



Fig.2 Al-Si etching products (spare part thickness:0.127 mm)