The Application Of AlSi50

- Aug 31, 2016-

AlSi50, also called CE11 in many countries, is the most common used AlSi alloys.


  • Light weight: only about 1/3 the weight of Kovar;

  • Low CTE: 7-20ppm/℃, compatible with GaAs,Alumina,GaN etc;

  • High thermal conductivity: up to 180W/mK;

  • Easy to be machined: CNC/EDM

  • Easy to be plated: can be plated as common aluminum alloys;

  • Easy to be welded: Baienwei AlSi alloys have high welding finish rate.


  • Amplifier housings;

  • Transmitter modules;

  • Receiver modules;

  • Laser combiner;

  • Optical modules;

  • Wafers