Spray forming technology

- Jun 24, 2016-

Spray forming technology a metal forming process that spews molten, atomized metal at a rotating substrate to form a metal ingot or billet. The high solidification rate of the process results in the relative density reaches above 99.2%.After following hot working(forge,roll,extrude or HIP),the materials are machined to be dense products.

l Equiaxed grain, average size is within 10μm.

l No macro segregation, microstructure is homogeneous.

l The compactness of aluminum is up to 99.2%.

l  Clean organization and low Oxygen content, alloy elements content breaking through the limit.

l Reduce the porosity and break the discontinuity between layers.

l By controlling the solidification rate and coarsening silicon phase of alloy to ensure the precision and isotropy of structure.