Several Problems Should Be Paid Attention To In Aluminum Alloy Spraying Operation

- Aug 16, 2019-

1. The making of the fixture and the selection of the feeding method. The clamps placed at both ends shall be capable of withstanding the pressure of considerable weight; the clamps used in the middle part shall minimize the contact point of the outer surface of the clamp and the profile during the production and use, and shall be placed vertically in the middle. Fill the rod to replenish the powder. The hanging position in the hanger of the profile should also follow the corresponding principles. For some profiles with deep grooves, increasing the amount of powder and pushing the distance between the jaws and the profile are suitable. Surfaces with large surface areas or complex structures shall be prohibited from being placed in a downward position, and the decorative and non-decorative surfaces of the profiles shall also be distinguished.

For some special shapes, adjust the position of the clamp in time to keep the profile at a certain angle of inclination at the position of the hanger to enhance the smoothness during operation and facilitate powder adsorption. In addition, for some heavy profiles, when using the clamp in the middle position, the elbow part should have a certain curvature, and the curvature of the clamp can ensure the profile is in the vertical position to ensure the smooth production process. In addition, as the number of times the conductive beams and hangers are recycled, the coating film will accumulate. The coating film itself is non-conductive, which will affect the conductivity of the conductive beam and the hanger, and thus affect the uniform distribution of the powder on the surface of the profile. The coating film on the conductive beam and the hanger should be removed in an appropriate manner.

2. The pre-treatment process is simpler than the pre-oxidation pre-treatment process, mainly degreasing and chromizing, the raw material consumption is low, and the daily maintenance work is relatively easy. In order to improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption during the pre-treatment process, a larger rack is used, and as many profiles as possible are to be processed. For some softer profiles, place the crossbar in the middle of the profile to allow the groove to be placed as far as possible to facilitate evaporation of moisture. When the drying process is completed, when there is still water residue, in order to avoid damage to the surface of the profile and the deformation of the profile is easy to be deformed, it should not be baked in the furnace. It can be used as a dry or air gun. (no oil and gas) way of drying. In addition, the profiles must be kept at appropriate angles during the drip drying process, but it is easy to cause some of the profiles to slip. A stainless steel wire mesh should be bundled at one end of the rack as a precautionary measure.

3. The problem that should be paid attention to in the spray booth. Before the official dusting, you can test it several times. At this time, you can observe the amount of powder and the uniformity of powder distribution at both ends of the spray booth. At this time, the powder runs in a straight line within 10 cm from the end of the claw, and the other part is in the form of atomized powder. The powder adsorbed on the surface of the profile is actually the powder of the atomization effect, and whether such atomization exists. The effect of the powder is used as a standard for controlling the distance between the jaws and the profile.