Optimized Spray Forming Process

- Dec 01, 2016-

Baienwei successfully develops optimized spray forming process to produce high performance aluminum alloys.

Compared to conventional casting and powder metallurgy, spray forming process has become a revolution and trendency for producing aluminum alloys.

The following pictures are the microstructure of casting and spray forming process.

Conventional Casting Aluminum:

■ Serious macro segregation.

 The microstructure of primary silicon and eutectic silicon is coarse, average grain size is 80-300μm.

 Poor toughness and ductility.   

 Conventional casting process is subject to dimensions and strength. 

Spray Forming Aluminum:

 No macro segregation.

 Grains are equiaxed (average size is 3-10μm)and distribute homogeneously.

 Less grain boundary precipitates and high surface roughness.

 Customized strength, up to 850 MPa.

Baienwei spray forming aluminum alloys series include have 2 main products:

Al-Si alloys

Super high strength aluminum alloys

Baienwei offers both spray forming aluminum alloy materials and machined products.