New Solution For Electronics And Thermal Management

- Nov 21, 2016-

    With the development of enonomy, electronics becomes more and more important for people's daily life.Therefore, the weight-reduction of electronic components has raise more and more attention.

    Baienwei spray formed Al-Si alloy, is a kind of controlled expansion alloy, whose CTE can be adjustable from 7ppm/℃-20ppm/℃. It is regarded as a new solution to electronics and thermal management.

    The low density of Al-Si alloys greatly reduce the weight of components.Compared to Kovar, the weight of Al-Si alloys is only about 1/3 of Kovar. Al-Si alloy is the alternative to Kovar, AlSiC, Cu-W, Cu-Mo and Titanium,Al-Si alloy is the lightest thermal management and electronic packaging alloy.

    Baienwei controlled expansion Al-Si alloys have high thermal conductivity,good heat dissipation, which will reduce the risk the failure of components.

    Besides high physical performance,Baienwei Al-Si alloys also have excellent mechanical properties.Al-Si alloys are easily to be machined, plated and welded. Baienwei also offers instructions to customers.