High Reliability Thermal Management Solutions

- Nov 15, 2017-

With the commonly applications in electronics housings and packages,a variety of problems came out against thermal and cost barriers.Our company integrated the former rapid solidification,spray forming,and semi-solid casting technology together to develop the proprietary technology.To meet these demands,a wide range of affordable low cost Si/Al alloy has been announced to match the different applications,such as semiconductor devices. The process can achieve the uniform grain size(average grain size is 10μm~30μm),isotropic properties,no stomata and bubble.By adjusted the ratio of silicon and aluminum,the process can provide the low coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE),in range of 7ppm/℃~17ppm/℃to accomodate the thermal expansion of semiconductor devices or substrate materials.We could find commonly thermal management material,such as copper and aluminum,however,there is a problem which the coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE) is higher than those of semiconductor,resulting in poor reliability and undesired stress.Other high conductivity material,such as diamond,can be more expensive for most applications and is limited by volume production.


In terms of high thermal conductivity,low CTE,and low density(less than aluminum),high specific stiffness and outstanding thermal-stability,AlSi(Controlled Expansion) alloy is regarded as an desirable material.Until now,our company fabricates range of high-silicon aluminum alloys which are being deployed in many field,encompassing the telecommunications,aerospace and military sector.


AlSi AlloyAlloyCTEDensityThermalBendYieldElastic


We strive to provide perfectly thermal management solutions and service to our clients.