Low Price Lightweight Low CTE High Thermal Conductivity Controlled Expansion Al-Si Alloys

- Dec 22, 2016-

The trend towards faster and higher frequency communications means that electronic component designers face thermal, mechanical and cost barriers with existing, commonly available materials. Common thermal management materials, such as copper or aluminium, have coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) which are higher than those of the semiconductors, resulting in unacceptable stresses and poor reliability. Other more sophisticated controlled expansion materials are limited by poor thermal conductivity, present health hazards or are prohibitively expensive for most applications.

Baienwei adopts advanced spray forming process producing a series of lightweight controlled expansion Al-Si alloys(also called CE alloys). Compared to common electronic packaging material, AlSi alloys have many characters such as: lightweight( lighter than pure aluminum), high thermal conductivity and high stiffness.The alloys are suitable for CNC/EDM machining, are platable using conventional, industry proven methods and are weldable with laser seal welding etc. What's more important is the adjustable CTE of Al-Si alloys, which makes it is compatible with GaAs, alumina and 

GaN etc.

Due to high properties, Baienwei Al-Si alloys are widely used in a range of high-end applications. 

Typical Uses include RF/Microwave, millimeter wave packages, carriers and housings, electro-optical module housings and heat sinks for power modules.  waveguide components, heating blocks for die bonders, X-ray detector carrier substrate, PCBs substrate and guide bars, amplifier housings etc.

Baienwei can offer the alloys as blocks, plates or machined/plating components as customers' requirements.

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