Lightweight Low CTE High Thermal Conductivity Al-Si Alloys

- Oct 27, 2016-

    Tianjin Baienwei, as a high-tech company in China, has successfully developed a series of spray formed Al-Si alloys.

    The alloys are processed by advanced spray forming technology, which have homogeneous and isotropic properties.

    Due to lightweight(only about 1/3 weight of Kovar), toilored CTE(7-20ppm/℃)and high thermal conductivity with outstanding mechanical and physical properties,Al-Si alloys have been widely used in electronic applications.

    Baienwei Al-Si alloys series:   

    ■ AlSi27   (Al-27%Si)

   ■ AlSi42   (Al-42%Si)

   ■ AlSi50   (Al-50%Si)

   ■ AlSi60   (Al-60%Si)

   ■ AlSi70   (Al-70%Si)


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