Aluminum Alloy Passivation Process, Can Not Ignore The Impact Of Temperature On The Process

- Mar 18, 2019-

The passivation of aluminum alloy is in the process and the temperature plays a very important role in the passivation effect. The influence of temperature exists in the pre-passivation treatment and the passivation process. It is necessary to do the passivation of the aluminum alloy, and the temperature cannot be ignored. It is absolutely necessary to discuss the important factors and therefore the influence of the temperature of the passivation process.

First, the effect of the degreasing temperature on the degreasing effect is a factor that must be taken into consideration when the aluminum alloy passivation process is carried out. In order to ensure the surface of the workpiece is clean and free of grease, the temperature must be controlled during degreasing. The low temperature is not conducive to the activation of the active agent of the degreaser, and the degreasing effect is poor. The temperature is too high, the active agent in the degreaser decomposes due to high temperature, and the active agent is active. Disappeared, resulting in poor degreasing effect.

Secondly, the aluminum alloy passivation process, another temperature-affected process is the temperature of the passivation solution. The water temperature in South China is generally between 10 and 22 degrees. In this temperature range, the passivation solution can be used normally. However, in the case of special weather or winter in northern China, the water temperature may be lower than 10 degrees. In this temperature range, the passivation effect will be poor, so it must be heated; in addition, in order to improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy. It can also be treated by heating, but the high temperature of zui is not more than 40 degrees. Otherwise, the passivation effect is not good.

It can be seen that the temperature is very important in the passivation process of the aluminum alloy. It is related to the success and failure of the passivation process and must be paid attention to by the supplier and the manufacturer.

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