How To Produce Al-Si Alloys?

- Nov 21, 2016-

       Al-Si alloy is a kind of binary alloy composed of silicon and aluminum. Due to high performance of Al-Si alloys, it has various applications,such as automotive, electronic packaging, semiconducctor etc.

       How to produce this kind of high performance alloy?

       Producing AlSi alloys by conventional casting process, macro segregation occurs easily. The microstructure of primary silicon and eutectic silicon is coarse and average grain size is 100-200μm, these factors leads to the materials with poor toughness and ductility are difficult to be machined. Therefore, AlSi alloys of more than 18% Si content can not be produced by conventional casting process. AlSi alloys produced by Baienwei spray forming technology(Si content is up to 80%) have equiaxed and homogeneous grains(average grain size is 10μm), high surface roughness and no macro segregation, which greatly enhance thecomprehensive performance of materials.

      Baienwei spray formed Al-Si alloys have many advantages, such as:

Low CTE, adjustable;

Low density, lightest thermal management alloy;

l  High thermal conductivity;

High stiffness;

  l Readily machinable(CNC/EDM)

  l Readily platable(Au, Ag, Ni, Ti etc)

  l Readily weldable;

  l Environmentally friendly, non-toxic material.