How To Deal With Oxidation Spot Of Aluminium Alloy

- Mar 22, 2020-

A certain degree of oxidation of aluminum alloy will produce oxidation spots, how to deal with aluminum alloy oxidation spots, today for you to explain.

Treatment of oxidation spots of aluminum alloy:

Method 1: when aluminum alloy surface oxidation dirty, can be cleaned with alkali solution, the adsorption of dirty oxide film removed.After removal, rinse in distilled water several times.* then boil in distilled water to seal the holes in the oxide film.So the aluminum alloy after cleaning the surface will not adsorb dirty things.

Method 2: aluminum alloy surface oxidation, the formation of alumina is a dense protective film, it and acid, alkali reaction, but, aluminum and acid, alkali reaction, in dilute acid or alkali soak, when there is gas, immediately take out the water to wash.You can also sand it.

Method 3: aluminium alloy products in front of the oxidation treatment, by the method of chemical and physical products to make the necessary cleaning the surface, make its naked and pure metal matrix, oxidation coloring smoothly, which combined with matrix solid, colour and lustre and thickness are meet the requirements and has * better corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and good performance of artificial membrane.