How The Uneven Corrugation On The Surface Of The Aluminum Lean Tube Is Produced And The Elimination Method

- Jun 17, 2019-

With the advent of industrial automation, the precision requirements of the production materials are getting higher and higher. The birth of aluminum profile lean tubes will simplify the production process and materials at the same time, in line with the strict requirements of modern industry for lean production, and the leanness for aluminum profiles. The production and processing of the tubes are checked, but there are still inevitable problems. Let's talk about how the uneven ripples on the surface of the lean tubes are generated and what methods can be used to avoid this topic.

The aluminum profile lean pipe is an aluminum material produced by melting and extruding the aluminum rod by heating, and the cross section is a cross-type vertical bidirectional positioning structure, and the hollow pipe is in the middle, and the wall thickness is 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm. 2.0mm. In the extrusion process, it is necessary to use an aluminum extrusion die and follow the specified production operation process. During the extrusion process, uneven surface ripples appear on the surface of the lean pipe profile due to the following problems:

1, the support pad size is too small

When the aluminum extrusion die is discharged from the high temperature, it should be placed on the support pad within the specified time. The support pad of the proper size is prepared according to the cross-sectional shape of the die. If the size of the support pad is too small, it will cause certain defects to the lower die. The elastic pressure makes the size of the mold unstable, and the extruded aluminum surface of the lean tube produces uneven corrugations.

2, there are debris on the working belt of the extrusion die

If the work belt is not clean, there is oil or debris blocking, the surface of the produced aluminum pipe will be pitted, resulting in unqualified product size and appearance quality.

3. The upper and lower dies of the aluminum extrusion die are not parallel

The mold is not properly designed or used, the upper and lower molds are not parallel, and the shape of the bell mouth appears, so that the surface of the extruded aluminum material lean tube material is cooled and formed.

4, the extrusion speed is uneven

When the new mold is used, the initial extrusion speed is not paid attention to. The size of the head and tail of each aluminum rod is not allowed to be used, and the surface of the extruded product is not flat.

5, the size of the empty knife of the mold is too small

When the size of the empty knife is too small, the metal flow is not smooth, the speed is not uniform, and the fast and slow flow rate causes the mold to be scratched, causing uneven appearance defects on the surface of the extruded aluminum profile lean tube.

Elimination method

1. Prepare the mold before it is released, select a suitable double-hole, cantilever-sized special support pad, and heat the support pad to 350-450 °C to prevent the mold from taking a long time to find the support pad. The boring phenomenon occurs, ensuring the dimensional stability of the aluminum profile lean tube and reducing the occurrence of surface irregularities.

2. Keep the sanitary condition on the work belt up to standard, free from oil and other debris, remove all obstacles, ensure the smooth circulation of aluminum alloy, and make the surface of the produced aluminum lean tube smooth.

3, the mold design should be reasonable, the size requirements must be strict, in the process of use should pay attention to the daily maintenance of the mold, if there is a phenomenon of non-parallel, it is necessary to repair the mold in time, if necessary, replace the mold.

4. When using a new mold, pay attention to reduce the extrusion speed of the first aluminum rod, or pause for a period of time to flatten the metal on the work belt, and reserve at least 1 mm of the tail of the material during shearing. The pressure can reduce the generation of ripples.

4. The size of the empty knife of the mold should be reasonably selected. If the mold is scratched due to the small knife, the lubricant can be applied on the side of the working belt with too small size to make the metal flow smoothly, the speed is even, and the extrusion The probability of unevenness on the surface of the aluminum profile lean tube is greatly reduced.

In short, the aluminum extrusion process is a very complicated process. It must be operated strictly in accordance with the extrusion process. Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the mold, control the various extrusion defects from the source, and ensure the appearance of the aluminum pipe. The size is qualified to make it more in line with the requirements of lean production, and achieve low-cost use in light industrial environments.