High Power Pump Combiner Using 50Si/50Al Alloy Materials For Fiber Lasers And Amplifiers

- Aug 03, 2018-

Pump combiner is a passive component, built based on fused biconical taper (FBT) technique, widely used in fiber laser, fiber amplifier, high power EDFA, biomedical and sensor systems, etc.


Fiber laser technology for defense applications is advancing rapidly due to advantages over solid state lasers and funding by the US Department of Defense. Fiber lasers offer features that are critical to the Directed Energy platform. Key components of a highly integrated fiber laser and amplifier system are high-power all-fiber pump and pump signal combiners. OFS FITEL, LLC as the world main supplier manufacturing the fiber combiners can be implemented in almost any fiber laser or amplifier architecture.


We offer the 50Si/50Al alloy carrier plates/substrates which can be used for high power pump combiner due to the advantageous of controllable CTE(7-17 ppm/℃),excellent thermal conductivity,lightweight and RoHS compliance performance.


By using the Al-50%Si alloy material(Osprey CE11),the combiner shows the following benefits:


■ High pump transmission

■ Low signal  

■ loss Compact size

■ Reduced cooling requirements

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