High Performance Spray Forming Aluminum Alloys

- Oct 10, 2016-

Baienwei adopts advanced spray forming process specializing in the R&D and production of high performance aluminum alloys.

■ AlSi alloys


-Low CTE

-Low density

-High thermal conductivity

-High electrical conductivity(excellent EMI/RF shielding performance)

-Good thermo-mechanical stability


-Machinability, platability and compatible with microelectronic assembly technology.

Super high strength aluminum alloys--STRONGEST ALNUUMIM ALLOY AVAILABLE

-All the advantages of standard aluminum, like light weight, formability and machinability.

-High Strength: Specific strength is superior to steel and titanium

-High Strength: Specific strength is superior to steel and titanium.

-Wear Resistance: Surface treatments such as hard anodizing may be dispensed with in many cases to reduce the costs.

-High Ductility:Unique microstructure and high strength provide excellent formability and machining properties.

-Competitive Cost: Light weight reduces comprehensive cost.

-Customizable material properties.