Four Considerations For Aluminum Coil Storage

- Jul 17, 2019-

After you buy the aluminum coil, you must remember to place it. This is because it is easy to let the aluminum coil oxidize when it is not in place. This will lose the meaning of our purchase of aluminum coil, so it is necessary for everyone to understand Where should the aluminum roll be placed?

Four considerations for aluminum coil storage

1. Wrap the aluminum coil with a plastic film. If conditions permit, the * is placed in a place with a desiccant, so that the moisture inside the air can be absorbed, thus avoiding the problem of oxidation;

2. If the aluminum coil is placed inside the wooden box, then we must ensure that the humidity of the wooden box is less than 18%, and the temperature of the aluminum coil cannot be higher than 45 °C.

3. If it is suddenly transferred from the low temperature zone to the high temperature zone during the placement, then we should not open the package immediately, because it is easy to oxidize, we should wait until the aluminum coil is applied, then it will not be oxidized. Case;

4. If there is rain or snow leakage in the warehouse, then the aluminum coil should not be placed, so it is easy to let it oxidize. This must be remembered.