The development direction of energy saving technology of aluminum electrolysis

- Jul 01, 2019-

The research and development of energy-saving technology is the top priority of aluminum electrolysis. With the continuous advancement of aluminum electrolysis technology, the DC power consumption of aluminum electrolysis will gradually decrease in the future. Reducing the cell voltage by reducing the voltage drop across the cell and increasing current efficiency are two major aspects of energy savings.

In terms of reducing the tank voltage, the work can be carried out mainly by using high-quality anodes to reduce the anode pressure drop, using high-conductivity materials instead of anode iron steel claws and cathode steel rods, and phosphorus pig iron casting technology to reduce anode pressure drop and improve electrolyte conductivity. The pressure drop and so on. The heat dissipation can be reduced by means of superstructure modification and preferred design of the lining material.

In terms of improving current efficiency, research can be done on the steady current of the cathode and the reduction of the horizontal current. While reducing the voltage of the tank, supplemented by increasing the current efficiency, the combination of the two will ultimately achieve energy saving and consumption reduction of aluminum electrolysis.