Declaration Of Conflict-Free Minerals

- Jul 30, 2017-

TIANJIN BAIENWEI NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD understands that the production activity and its products may have an impact on the society and environment. In order to shoulder corporate social responsibility, our company hereby promises:


1. Not to purchase conflict minerals from mines in the Conflict Regions.


2. The metals used or included in all products or components delivered by our company have noconflict mineralsfrom Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) and its neighboring countries as well as any control region of armed forces in these countries.BAIENWEI CO.LTD would like to confirm that Minerals used in Products sold to customers are “DRC Conflict-Free”.


3. TIANJIN BAIENWEI NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD is taking and will take due diligence within our supply chain to assure Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) Conflict-Free for the minerals of gold(Au),tantalum(Ta),cobalt(Co),tungsten(W) and tin(Sn) are not derived or sourced from mines in conflict areas of Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC),or illegally taxed on trade routes,either of which are controlled by non-governmental groups or unlawful military factions.


4.Our company promises to build complete conflict minerals policy, management system and survey framework inline with guidelines published by relevant regulations (including but not limited to Article 1502 in American Dodd-Frank Act) and relevant organizations(such as OECD or EICC), and to request the suppliers of our company according to the same standard.Implement due diligence processes and mitigation plans to support that policy.


5.Our company will truthfully fill in and reply the survey about “conflict minerals” and provide other information as required, and promise the authenticity, accuracy and integrity of replied content and offered information.