Controlled Expansion Alloys Used In UAV Flight.

- Mar 03, 2017-

Baienwei Co.,Ltd is primarily expertise in manufacturing the silicon aluminum alloy which be called controlled expansion alloys by foreigners. We independently innovated Spray Forming technology  via the R&D center, and specialized in the production of silicon aluminum alloys(AlSi alloys).The materials are homogeneous and stable,have the advantages of low CTE, high thermal conductivity,low density and renowned mechanical properties,widely used in the civilian UAVs.
At present,many countries in the world are actively expanding the scope of application, civilian UAV aerial, marine, meteorology, exploration, application fields such as communication of UAV technology effect and economic benefits are very optimistic about the development.The civilian UAV has increasingly become the focus attention of the aviation power.Compared with the conventional metal materials, composite materials used in UAV has high specific strength and high specific stiffness, low coefficient of thermal expansion, the characteristics of the ability of anti fatigue and anti vibration ability, and it can be applied to the UAV structure can lose weight 25%~30%.Figure shows: Matrice M200.
In order to ensure the rapid development of economy in the future,Chinese maritime security,border security,rapid land information and census upgraded was promoted to a hitherto unknown height.Therefore,the development of high performance,low cost and material and production technology for UAV is an urgent needs in next ten years.