Controlled Expansion Alloys Industry Best

- Apr 25, 2017-

Baienwei Silicon Aluminum alloys are the industry’s first choice for its superior performance,strict quality and reliability. Based on the controlled coefficient of thermal expansion, low density,high conductivity and outstanding mechanical properties, the products are just some of the advantages that you’ll experience with Baienwei Silicon Aluminum alloys.

Baienwei is devoting itsself to become a trustworthy Silicon Aluminum alloys company that offers cutting-edge,high quality,superior performance and cost effective products to demanding industry.To satisfy our clients, we commit to providing timely delivery,cost-effective products and best service.We also supports customers from design prototype sampling to mass-production.If you need special Silicon Aluminum alloys components,turn to us.We desire to be your trustworthy partner.


Features Include:

 Low CTE,adjustable

 Lightweight,up to 10% lighter than pure aluminum

 High thermal conductivity

 Stiffness values

 Ease of machinable and platable

 Material environmental,non-toxic material

 Short leading time