Controlled Expansion Al-Si Alloys Used In Semiconductor

- Dec 26, 2016-

Baienwei is a professional manufacturer producing Al-Si alloys(also called CE alloys overseas).

AlSi alloys are widely used in semiconductor:
  • Lithography system

  • Pick-and-place assemblies 

  • Manipulator

  • Cover plate

  • Semiconductor packaging

  • Other parts where needs low CTE and high stiffness

Advantage of AlSi alloys:

  • Low CTE, tailored from 7-20ppm/℃, compatible with GaAs, alumina and GaN etc;

  • Low density, lightest thermal managment and packaging alloy;

  • High thermal conductivity;

  • Easy to be machined, plated and welded.

  • Directly replace Kovar, AlSiC, Cu-W, Cu-Mo in many application.