CE13&CE15 Appication In Aerial Photography Cameras.

- Feb 22, 2017-

Optical elements such as lenses, plain plates, mirrors, prism and others are used in optical imaging devices, for example camera objectives, telescopes or binoculars. Optical elements of this type generally consist of glass and are held on a support device by means of metal or plastic components. To achieve a high imaging quality with optical imaging devices, it is necessary for these holding devices to have a high mechanical stability. For example, the aerial camera imposes a particularly stability on the target.The company invented an optical element holder, its inherent lightweight, making it suitable for high stability eyepiecesespecially for aerial cameras. 

GradesContentCTEThermal  DensityTensileYieldPoisson’sElongationElastic


A preferred solution for the invention of an optical element support comprises at least one element of silicon-aluminum alloy which selects the silicon content in a manner that the thermal expansion coefficient of the silicon-containing alloy is substantially matched to the thermal expansion coefficient of the support optical element. 

Our company's silicon aluminum alloy CE15 and CE13 are used in the field of aerial cameras and receive special lightweight holder. Especially for the deployment of aerial photo cameras with light aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles, also provides particularly good precision performance.