Braking Drums Excellent Mechanical Properties From Baienwei.Inc

- Feb 23, 2017-

  Baienwei. Inc is a professional manufacture on the researching and producing Aluminum Silicon alloys in a very large scale. The primarily application area is in automotive industry, including braking drums and other auto parts. Due to coefficient of friction, better wear resistance performance and higher thermal conductivity, aluminum silicon alloys plays a significant role in the creating automotive industry.

braking drum 大图.jpg

  Drum brakes with aluminum silicon alloys. This gives you a number of key benefits including:

· It has better tensile and yield strength, impact energy absorption from the mechanical properties,maximising safety.

· Because of higher thermal conductivity AlSi alloys dissipate heat at very faster rate and low consumption.

 We also supply hypereutectic Aluminum brake parts,silicon aluminum alloy parts, brake discs, brake callipers and etc.Baienwei offers exclusive and customized services according to customers' industry attributes.