Baienwei Spray Forming Aluminum Alloy Series

- Oct 18, 2016-

Spray forming, also called spray deposition, is an advanced process for the production of aluminum alloys.

Baienwei successfully developed spray forming equipment and specializing in the R&D and production of high performance spray formed Aluminum alloys.

Compared to conventional process, spray formed aluminum alloys have finer microstructure and no micoro segregation.

Baienwei offers a range of spray formed aluminum alloys:

  1. Spray formed AlSi alloys:


    Low CTE, adjustable;

    Low density, lightest thermal management alloy

    high thermal conductivity;

    High stiffness;

    Readily machinable(CNC/EDM);

  2. Readily platable(Au, Ag, Ni, Ti etc);
    Readily weldable
  3. Spray formed super high strength aluminum alloys:


    High Strength

    l  Wear Resistance 

  4. l  High Ductility
      Superior Thermal Stability

      Competitive Cost