Application of AlSi alloys

- Jun 24, 2016-

AlSi alloy has the advantages of low CTE, low density, high thermal conductivity, stable dimension, high stiffness and excellent mechanical properties, widely used in military and civilian fields, such as radar, communication, RF/microwave, power system and optoelectronic system etc. It can directly replace Kovar, Cu-W, Cu-Mo and AlSiC in some electronic fields.

Electronic Packages:

l Aerospace aircraft electronic system;

l  RF/Microwave packages and carriers,such as T/R modules,power amplifier housings etc;

l IC package housings;

l Sensors’ housings and carriers;

l Mobile base station amplifiers etc;

l Waveguide, carrier, microwave filter components;

l Optical devices;

l High light LED wafers;

l Laser devices and carriers;

l Heat sinks, lens.

Auto Parts: cylinder liners, pistons, brake discs, rotors etc