Aluminum Replace Of Steel Used In Automotive Industry

- Mar 06, 2017-

Spray forming offers a combination of low-cost manufacturing with enhanced properties and performance. As such, it has emerged as a key competitor for existing technologies,such as casting,ingot metallurgy,electrode remelting processes,and power metallurgy. As well as potential near-net-shape benefits, the mainly advantage of the spray forming process is the ability to manufacture alloy compositions that are problematical in conventional processes. Baienwei create various of aluminum silicon alloys through the spray forming technologies and widely be used in cylinder liners, brake disc&brake drum,bearing brackets and oil pump gears etc. The production of aluminum silicon alloys both in quality and technical service are recognized in automotive industry.

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Aluminum silicon alloys is an ideal material for lightweight automobile,with its advantages of light weight,crash worthiness and higher recycling. To be estimated, aluminum silicon alloys replaced of steel in producing cars result of the vehicle weight can be reduced by 30% or 40%. The truck trailer, the significance of lightweight on energy saving and emission reduction is more obvious.According to the status of developed countries, if the existing 3 million truck trailer 70% aluminum trailer, one year can reduce fuel consumption by 7 million 660 thousand tons, reducing carbon dioxide emissions of 22 million tons.


More light weight and hard aluminum alloys can do ,if any steel can do.From the global commercial vehicle market,the light weight material—Aluminum Alloys commercial automobile has occupied a large scale of the global commercial vehicle market. In China, Baienwei will make great effort to provide good quality and high added value products for entire automotive industry. Now the company has passed ISO9001:2008QMS and China national military standard (GJB) Certificate and achieve numbers of products and technology patents.