Aluminum Alloy Chemical Frosting Smokeless Polishing Technology

- Jul 24, 2019-

The aluminum alloy chemical frosting smokeless polishing technology is a set of internationally advanced patented aluminum surface polishing technology developed by our company after five years of research and development. It has applied for two national invention patents, patent application number: 200410027153.1, 200510101422.9. It completely solves the world problem of polishing yellow smoke and dripping, and is an upgrade technology of existing triacid polishing and electropolishing. The aluminum alloy chemical scrub-free smokeless polishing technology has won wide respect from the market with its huge advantages of no yellow smoke, no flow marks, high brightness, low consumption and high yield. It has great environmental and economic value.

Its characteristics are as follows:

1. For the first time, a complete four-slot combination polishing technology is used, covering all polishing materials, and the applicable range is beyond the reach of traditional polishing techniques.

2. For the first time, the high-temperature chemical sanding polishing tank is used to sand and remove mechanical marks in the high temperature range (100-120 °C), which is the fourth chemical different from alkali etching, acid etching and leveling bright sand surface.

Sand surface technology, combined with 80% of the polishing capacity of the three acid tanks, sanding, de-graining and polishing in a tank, is the company's technological innovation;

3, the first introduction of a light-proof oxidation tank, the combination of polishing and chemical oxidation, effectively reducing the anodic oxidation loss. For many industrial materials and interior decoration materials, only organic sealing is required to leave the factory, and the polishing brightness can be 100% retained!

4. For the first time, the organic sealing material trough is introduced, and the mirror surface material which has been oxidized and oxidized is subjected to oxidation treatment without loss of light, which not only completely protects the mirror effect, but also increases the antifouling function.

5, the first complete solution to the problem of polishing yellow smoke, to achieve a real sense of smokeless triacid polishing! This set of technology uses chemical methods to fundamentally remove yellow smoke, saving a lot of environmental protection costs, and clearing the * major obstacles for the general promotion of triacid polishing.

6. For the first time, the drip flow problem is completely solved, the polishing liquid consumption is reduced by more than 70%, the yield rate is greatly improved, and the wastewater treatment cost is greatly reduced. Corrosion inhibitors are added to the chemical sanding polishing bath and the non-smoking mirror polishing bath. The aluminum alloy can be arbitrarily dripped after being taken out, and there is no flow mark or material. At the same time, due to a 70% savings in pharmaceutical consumption, wastewater treatment costs are also saved by 70%.

7. For the first time, thoroughly solve the problem of ash hanging on the polished material and further improve the brightness.