AlSiC(aluminium silicon carbide)IGBT base plates

- Jun 23, 2017-

AlSiC is a metal matrix composite consisting the aluminum matrix with silicon carbide particle.By combining ceramic and metal together, the AlSiC metal matrix composite is created, a new material actually resembling both.The AlSiC composites were fabricated by pressure-infiltrating porous silicon carbide particle performed units.

Our company is a leading industry AlSiC products manufacturer in China.For over ten years we has built a reputation as a cutting-edge technology leader in China.On account of high thermal conductivity(TC),low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE),high stiffness and light weight features, the AlSiC is a ideal material used for manufacturing power electronics base plates and substrates. The low CTE perfectly matches with that of electric chips'. The operation reliability of power module with AlSiC base plate is 10 times as high as that with Cu base plate.Except these aspects,the aluminum silicon carbide (AlSiC) products is an essential component used in IGBT base plates for high power applications including, subway driving, new energy vehicle driving, wind turbine and welding robot.