AlSi Alloy Used In Auto Brake Systems

- Sep 27, 2016-

AlSi alloys are widely used in auto parts.Baienwei AlSi alloys are widely used in auto brake systems, including brake discs, brake callipers, brake drum. 

Conventional Brake Disc/Brake Drum:

  • Conventional brake discs are always made of cast iron, cast steel and forged steel, which could result in insufficient heat capacity, bad thermal conductivity and hot cracks in high braking power under nervous and sudden situations.

  • Especially in the long-distance brake, the high temperature and heat produced by brake disc can make the braking strength change, so that the brake is not reliable and very dangerous; The high density of iron base or steel base brake discs will increase car body weight and engine load to influence the acceleration performance, which can not meet  the present trend of vehicle weight loss.

Baienwei AlSi brake disc/brake drum:

  • Compared to the conventionally used gray cast iron brake discs, AlSi alloy brake discs have a lower

    density and higher thermal conductivity.

  •  AlSi alloy brake discs are expected to result in weight reduction of up to 50 – 60 % in brake systems.

  •  During the brake process, AlSi alloy brake discs can reduce friction heat and shorten  brake distance

    prolong the life of brake system

  •  AlSi alloy brake discs have stable and reliable fatigue and wear properties,which enhance the driving

     safety of automobiles.