Al-Si Alloys Used In Optical And Laser Applications

- Nov 25, 2016-

Baienwei Al-Si Alloys are a series of alloys composed of silicon and aluminium. The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) can be adjustable from between 7 and 20 ppm/°C, just by adjusting the silicon composition. These controlled expansion alloys have superior physical properties and manufacturing characteristics:

■  Low density;

■  Low CTE, toilored from 7-20ppm/℃ ;

■  High thermal conductivity; 

■  High specific modulus;

■  Excellent transient thermal stability;

■  Ease of machining, plating and welding. 

Due to excellent properties, Al-Si alloys are widely used in electronic applications, such as hermetic packaging system, IC packaging and semiconductor packaging.

Besides,the ability of adjustable CTE to match any ceramic or crystal makes that Al-Si alloys are widely used in optical and laser applications.

²  X-ray detector carrier;

² Pallet for YAG laser rangefinder;

² Fiber amplifiers;

² Optical modules;

² High Light LED Wafers;

² Pump and Signal Combiner;

² Solid state laser system;

² Laser devices, carriers and substrates;

² Lens & mirrors;

² Optical system & components;

² Mobile base station amplifier;

² Satellite station;

² Mobile telecommunication system.

Baienwei also offers Al6061 and Al4047 used in electronics.