Al-25Si Alloy Tube Billets For Top-Level Vehicle

- Sep 05, 2018-



 Tactical vehicles;

● Cylinder liner,connecting rods,inlet valves,pistons and other autoparts could be tailored.



BEW Al-25Si cylinder sleeves advantages:

 Lightweight cylinder block can be achieved;

● Thanks to the friction coefficient is low, the friction loss which occurs between the piston rings and the cylinder liner can be lessened and, thus, the mileage can be improved;

 Compared with cast iron cylinder liner,the thermal conductivity and coefficient of thermal expansion is far higher and greater than that of cast iron ones,a good tight contact between the cylinder liner and cylinder block body can be achieved upon temperature elevation, and thus, an internal-combustion engine having a good heat-dissipation characteristic can be provided;

 In the condition of ultra-mild wear(UMW),the microstructure(SEM) shows the silicon particles of Al-25%Si alloy is effective maintaining a minimal surface damage,thus,improve the wear-resistance.

Mechanical properties of hypereutectic Al-25%Si alloy: