50Si/50Al Substrate For High-power Fiber Amplifier Systems

- Jul 27, 2018-

Through the marketing investigation,the high power pump combiner was manufactured by various of renowned corporation which widely deploying the aluminum-silicon alloy material before many years ago and had a board range of applications in the substrates of laser combiners.The market with the application of aluminum-silicon alloy is relatively mature.

In the light of  low CTE and high power transfer efficiency, Si-30%Al alloy/Si-50%Al alloy are used as substrates in the development of combiner.


Baienwei is a reliable provider specializing in the R&D,production and sales of Silicon Aluminum alloys(also called CE alloys in some foreign countries)and recognized by our customers from all over the world.We also offer the CNC milling machine serves while guaranteeing the raw material in order to meet our client's requirements in silicon aluminum alloy pump combiners.Compared with similar competitors,we can offer the competitive price below the premise that assures quality.  Due to low Coefficient and thermal expansion, high power transfer efficiency and RoHS compliant, AlSi alloys are widely used in high power fiber laser applications.

The AlSi70 alloy & AlSi50 alloy raw material or finished substrates are available for your test.