Wafer Billet

Wafer Billet

By using the rapid solidification process, our company fabricates a family of silicon-aluminum alloys,such as alloy wafers,which are made up of 70% silicon and 30% aluminium,for example,the Si-30%Al alloy and Si-20%Al alloy.

Product Details

High performance AlSi70 alloy or AlSi80 alloy wafers' substrates are used in photosensitive semiconductor devices.

Main applications:

 High power/brightness LED;

● Photovoltaic cells in the PV market.

Selectable silicon/aluminum(Si/Al) alloy:

AlSi70, Si-30%Al controlled expansion alloy;

● AlSi80, Si-20%Al controlled expansion alloy.

Replacement material:

● Al2O₃;


Comparable properties of different alloy materials: