Si-50%Al Alloy Housings

Si-50%Al Alloy Housings

The Controlled Expansion Si-50%Al alloy substitues the titanium for transmit and receive application; Si-50%Al alloy also can replacement aluminium which use as substrate for microwave and RF circuits etc...

Product Details

Tianjin Baienwei(BEW) company provides a wide range of controlled expansion Al-Si alloys products which possess the light weight-low expansion-high thermal conductivity features,such as the most  favorite Si-50%Al alloy housings for transmit and modules.

We provide expertise in manufacturing the controlled expansion Si/Al alloy products by offering a wide variety of raw materials,in order to reduce the weight,enhance the performance,maximize your profit and saving and keep environmental safety.

Advantages of AlSi50(Si-50%Al) alloy housing for transmit and receive modules:

● Higher thermal conductivity;

● Reduction total cost;

● Without the copper and molybdenum inserts.

Compared with the titanium,the reasons of chosen the Si-50%Al alloy:

● Titanium has the poor thermal;

● Twice weight of Si-50%Al alloy;

● Molybdenum-copper insert as heat spreader to remove heat generated by active devices,which adds cost and complexity to the manufacture.

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