Si-40%Al Alloy For RF microwave

Si-40%Al Alloy For RF microwave

The Si-40%Al alloy has been chosen by our customers(CETC) as RF/microwave housings in radar communications.

Product Details

Si-40%Al alloy has been widely used for RF and microwave application in the space-system.Compared with other material,the Si-40%Al alloy is lower weight,it is almost 1/4 the weight of copper.As the benefits of CTE close suitable to circuit board and other electric components,higher thermal conductivity,low density and ease of hermetic and machined,the Si-40%Al alloy is suitable for such RF and microwave fields.

Annual export capacity: 100,000tons

Trade terms: EXW(Ex-work),FOB,CIF

Terms of payment: T/T preferred

Product Description:


●Grade: Si-40%Al controlled expansion alloy

Mechanical and thermal properties:

Bend strength:141Mpa

Yield strength: 135MPa

Density(at 20℃): 2.55g/cm3

Elongation: 1.0%

Elastic modulus: 125GPa

Coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE): 9.5ppm/℃

Specific heat capacity(metric system): 0.782J/g-°C

Thermal conductivity(at 25℃): 132W/m.K

After-sale service:

We strive to help our clients to select the suitable material according to the detailed suggestions and offer the high reliability packaging solutions.In the guarantee of keep customer’s processes safer while reducing the environmental impact.In order to remain our products competitive and build our customers' loyalty,our representative will contact you and provide suitable packaging solutions within 24 hours.

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