Si-30Al Alloy For Microwave Carrier

Si-30Al Alloy For Microwave Carrier

Si-30Al alloy can be used as carriers for telecommunications.

Product Details

The key benefits of AlSi70(Si-30Al) alloy can be used as carriers for telecommunications.Because the below advantages:

●Excellent heat dissipation behaviour

●Dimensional stability

●Low CTE match to semiconductor materials

●Ease of machining and platability(e.g.PVD-Sputtering coatings)

●Ease of electroless plating(e.g Ni/Au)


Above Fig. the high silicon-aluminum alloys(AlSi70) are regarded as a typical heat dissipation material for electronic packaging field.One of the key factor is that the Low CTE almost hardly varies with temperature,the feature is similar to the common semiconductor materials.Fig.shows AlSi70 alloy and pure silicon thermal expansion coefficient with the temperature changes. It is well known that the reason of thermal stress is due to the mismatch of thermal expansion between the components of the structure.Thus,the thermal stress in the package structure composed of silicon-aluminum alloy will not increase with the increase of temperature, but will decrease. This key point is obviously very advantageous to the encapsulation structure, which is different from the Kovar alloy.

Baienwei Co.,Ltd fabricates series of silion-aluminum alloy materials which the primary silicon particles with an average size of 10μm and distribution well.Due to the uniform and homogeneous silicon particle,any direction of the Si-Al alloy has the outstanding mechanical and thermal properties,essentiall the separation between the electronic parts and the packaging materials is eliminated by the deformation or warping of the electronic parts caused by higher heat or mechanical loading.With the refined silicon particles,the AlSi alloys is ease of machined by diamond tools,PCD tools or carbide-tipped tool,and will not leave too much processing stress.The binary silicon-aluminum(AlSi) alloys has become an versatile thermal management material of replacement Cu-M,Cu-Mo,Kovar and Titanium.


Baienwei AlSi alloys key attributes(Si content by the weight of 27%~80%):

●Low Aggregate Cost

By comparision,cheaper cost than copper-molybdenum(Cu-W) and copper-tungsten(Cu-Mo) for many appplications


●Tailored Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion(CTE)

The adjustable CTE can be tailored to any value in the range from 7~17ppm/℃so as to match or accommodate the CTE of common semiconductor devices or substrates;

To achieve the maximum performance,customers can choose the optimum usage based on the alloy’s material and propertity.

●Lower Weight

Compared with conventional alloys, Al-50%Si alloy and Al-70%Si alloy is approximately 10% lower weight, less than 85% the weight of Cu-W,75% weight reduction of Cu-Mo, 65% weight reduction of Kovar alloy.


●High specific stiffness and thermo-mechanical stability

The electro-plating layer keeps flat in the thermal cycling;

Al-70%Si alloy is 2.5 times stiffer than Kovar alloy.

●High thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity ranges between 120~170W/m.K according to the different compositons; In contrast to steel,Al-50%Si alloy is almost 3 times higher thermal conductivity;

Al-70%Si alloy is almost 6 times higher thermal conductivity than Kovar

●Uniform and Isotropic microstructure

The compact density can reach up to 100%,eminently enhance the strength.

●Fast Delivery

Within 3 weeks,Baienwei Co.,Ltd can deliver the CNC parts and eletro-plating parts

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