AlSi70 Wafer Substrate/Contact For High -power LED

AlSi70 Wafer Substrate/Contact For High -power LED

AlSi70 alloy can be used as wafer level carriers for high-brightness LED.The Si-30%Al alloy has the advantageous of close CTE match to semiconductor device(GaAs or Sapphire),high thermal conductivity,dimensional stability,low density and ease of machining and sputtered coatings(e.g.Si,Sic and C;Ti,Pd,Ni,Au;Cr,Pd,Ni,Au)

Product Details

Si-30%Al alloy applications: 

●High brightness LED substrate/contact

●PV cell


High silicon-aluminum alloys(AlSi70 alloy) are regarded as a typical heat dissipation material for electronic packaging field.One of the key factor is that the Low CTE almost hardly varies with temperature,the feature is similar to the common semiconductor materials.Fig.shows Si-30%Al alloy and pure silicon thermal expansion coefficient with the temperature changes. It is well known that the reason of thermal stress is due to the mismatch of thermal expansion between the components of the structure.Thus,the thermal stress in the package structure composed of silicon-aluminum alloy will not increase with the increase of temperature, but will decrease. This key point is obviously very advantageous to the encapsulation structure, which is different from the Kovar alloy.


Electronic packaging material has the function of providing support of physics to protect the electronic components in harsh working environment work propertly.The heat of electronic components in a large-scale integrated circuit is quickly distributed to ensure the normal work of the electronic below shows the varation of heat conducting with temperature.The decrease of heat conductivity at high temperature can be attributed to the change of the heat conductivity of the primary silicon phase with the varation of temperature, this means that when the aluminum content remains constant, it decreases with the increase of temperature.


Main benefits of AlSi70(Si-30%Al) alloy:

●Excellent heat dissipation behaviour

●Dimensional stability

●Low CTE match to semiconductor materials(GaAs/Sapphire)

●Ease of machining and platability(e.g.PVD coatings)

●Ease of electroless plating(e.g Ni/Au)


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