Novel Thermal Management Materials

Novel Thermal Management Materials

Our company produces the aluminum silicon alloy(AlSi alloy) raw materials for military,aerospace and electronic packages,such as Al-50%Si alloy housing,AL-50%Si alloy substrate for high-power pump combiner,Si-30%Al alloy wafer and etc.

Product Details

Aluminum Silicon alloys are binary alloys of silicon and aluminum, produced by our proprietary rapid solidified process. These controlled expansion Al-Si alloys are provided in a range of weight proportions of silicon and aluminum from 70Si/30Al to 27Si/73Al, with CTE’s 7 to 17 ppm/°C respectively. Aluminum Silicon(AlSi) alloys are lightweight, high thermal conductivity alloys that are increasingly being used for RF & microwave packages, electro-optical housing, power device base plates and other critical heat sinking applications. 

Total applications of the controlled expansion Al-Si alloys:

AlSi Alloy’s









AlSi Alloy’s










  AlSi27 alloy

Commonly electronic packaging;  Circuit board stiffener;Heat sink or spreader  for avionic/telecommunications.






 AlSi42 alloy

 Laser-mirror;Electro-optical housing;optical devices;






 AlSi50 alloy

High-power electronic packaging;housing;radar packages






 AlSi60 alloy


Power device and laser packages






 AlSi70 alloy

RF & microwave packages;

High-brightness(HB)LED;Electro-optical housing;High-power laser substrate.