Precision Machining Service

Precision Machining Service

Baienwei offers precise machining service from prototype to mass production.

Product Details

Providing with precision machining service free sample, BAIENWEI is one of the competitive Controlled Expansion alloy products supplier, hermetic,such as packages, alsic housings, CNC machining service, metal precision machining, CNC machining, metal electronics packages manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to import customized products in stock from our factory.Baienwei designs and manufactures hermetic electronics packaging from different kinds of metal suited to meet your needs. 

Our company adopts precise machining technology and offers kinds of hermetic electronics packaging and precision machining service. Typical available material include:aluminum alloys, AlSi alloys, Titanium, Kovar, AlSiC, Cu-W, Cu-Mo, Cu and stainless steel,PTFE,etc.

  • ● Thermal management products;

  • ● Electronic components;

  • ● Laser components;

  • ● Aviation and space system components;

  • ● Optical components;

  • ● Mechanical devices;

  • ● Gear parts;

  • ● CNC turn-milling machining parts;

  • ● Machine parts;

  • ● Telecommunication and semiconductor parts and etc.