Low Cost And High Performance 6061 Mirror

Low Cost And High Performance 6061 Mirror

Baienwei Co.Ltd stick to the principle of "Technological innovation and rejuvenate the state by industrialization".We serve our markets with both standard products and customized designing products and milling CNC machining services.

Product Details

Baienwei can provide the Al6061 alloy. As the growing demand of Al6061 alloy,quite range of  worldwide manufactures are being exploited our material 6061 al alloy in electronic and telescope applications.Due to the outstanding performance of corrosion-resistance,high toughness,readily polishing properties and so on,the material is favorabled by our Europer and America clients.We offer the free designed prototype for your certification.

Properties of 6061aluminum alloy:

●  Grade:6061aluminum alloy

●  Density:2.7g/cm3 

●  Tensile Strength:312MPa 

●  Yield Strength:270MPa

●  Poisson's Ratio:0.33

●  Elongation:12.5 

●  Elastic Modulus:69GPa

●  Coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE at 25℃):22.6ppm/℃

●  Thermal Conductivity(at 25℃):210W/m-K

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