Low Cost AlSi42 Mirror For Satellite Component

Low Cost AlSi42 Mirror For Satellite Component

The AlSi42 alloy always been chosen as mirror for satellite application.

Product Details

AlSi42 alloy has been widely used for mirror in the satellite application.

Compared with other material,the AlSi42 alloy is lower weight,it is almost 1/4 the weight of copper.As the benefits of adjustable coefficient of thermal expansion,higher thermal conductivity,low density and ease of machinability,the AlSi42 alloy is suitable for mirrors.

Annual export capacity: 100,000tons

Trade terms: EXW(Ex-work),FOB,CIF

Terms of payment: T/T preferred

Product Description:


●  Grade: Si-42%Al controlled expansion alloy

●  Mechanical and thermal properties:

●  Bend strength:141Mpa

●  Yield strength: 135MPa

●  Density(at 20℃): 2.55g/cm3

●  Elongation: 1.0%

●  Elastic modulus: 125GPa

●  Coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE): 9.5ppm/℃

●  Specific heat capacity(metric system): 0.782J/g-°C

●  Thermal conductivity(at 25℃): 132W/m.K

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