Heat Sink For Telecommunications

Heat Sink For Telecommunications
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Product Details

Supported by a highly motivated engineering team of specialists,Baienwei Co,Ltd successfully developed a binary silicon-aluminum alloys.The state-of-the-art alloys are recognized as the new packaging materials which having proven a board range of applications.Users including high frequency type packages,avionics,radar,telecommunications and optical holding devices etc.In the light of the controlable coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE),the CTE can be selected to applicable for different applications.With the combination of low density(less than aluminum),higher thermal conductivity,adjustable CTE,high specific stiffness,elongation and lower comprehensive cost,the controlled expansion alloys(silicon-aluminum alloys) have been accepted by numerous manufacturers in China.

Product Description:

Grade Name: Al-27%Si Controlled Expansion Alloy

●Main composition: Al - 27%wt Si

●Welding process: electron beam welding,laser welding,arc welding etc.

Mechanical and thermal properties:

●Tensile strength: 170MPa

●Yield strength: 130MPa

●Density(at 20℃): 2.6g/cm3

Specific heat capacity(metric system): 0.8465J/g-℃

●Poisson’s ratio: 0.29

●Elongation: 3.8%

●Elastic modules: 91GPa

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