Circuit Board Stiffener

Circuit Board Stiffener

The properties of conventional packaging can no longer meet the marketing demand,thus,Baienwei Co.Ltd developed a binary silicon aluminum alloys for electronic packages and other applications,such as the main material Al-27%Si alloy.The Al-27%Si alloy has been extremely adopted in circuit board stiffener for electronic industry.

Product Details

With the rapid development of electronic technology,the properties of conventional packaging can no longer meet the marketing demand.Thus,Baienwei Co.,Ltd developed a series of binary silicon-aluminum alloys for electronic and other applications,the main product is the Al-27%Si alloy featuring proven low thermal expansion coefficients,higher heat conductivity,low density(less than aluminum) and thermo-mechanical stability,such as circuit board stiffener in electronic devices.Because the circuit board has the function of strengthening board of all the specifications and shapes.It is particularly significance in the defense,aerospace and other applications.

Baienwei Co.,Ltd has the competence to handle every aspect of manufacturing process from choosing the suitable material to machining the electronic components and right up to assist your testing. Possessing a highly motivated engineering team of specialists,we are in the position to optimally convert your requirements and assist in reducing your overall cost.

Product Description:

Grade: Al-27%Si controlled expansion alloy

Mechanical and thermal properties:

Tensile strength: 170MPa

●Yield strength: 130MPa

●Density(at 20℃): 2.6g/cm3

●Specific heat capacity(metric system): 0.8465J/g-℃

●Poisson’s ratio: 0.29

●Elongation: 3.8%

●Elastic modules: 91GPa

Transporation Service:

Baienwei Co.,Ltd will flexible choose the suitable transportation company based on our client detailed suggestions.Welcome to your quotation and we offer the reasonable purchase price and assist in reducing the overall cost.


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