Carrier For Telecommunications

Carrier For Telecommunications
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Baienwei Co.,Ltd produces a series of controlled expansion alloys(Si content:27%~70%) which particularly applied in space and aerospace industries.The Al-70%Si alloy has been widely used in carrier for telecommunications.In contract to original Kovar alloy,it has less than 1/3 the weight,7x thermal conductivity and similar low thermal coefficients.Moreover,Al-27%Si alloy offer a lower CTE,improve stiffness and rigidity and stays flat.Please see the Si/Al alloys overall features:

The key benefits of controlled expansion alloys:

The controlable low thermal expansion coefficients(CTE) in the range of 7~17ppm/℃

●Ease of machined,controlled expansion alloys(AlSi alloy) can be tailored to all sizes and shape

●Common electroplating process,ease of soldering,such as arc welding,laser welding and electron beam welding process

●Relative density which could be reach up to 100%.

●Possess lower weight and effective cost.

●The microstructure shows uniform and isotropic,no porosity and holes

●Higher strength and specific stiffness distinctly in a wide range of applications

●Excellent EMI/RFI shielding performance

●Environmentally friendly,present no disposal problems



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