Aluminum 4047 Alloy Plate

Aluminum 4047 Alloy Plate

BEW 4047 aluminum alloy always be used as plates for electronics application,thanks to the superior weldable performance and machinable properties.

Product Details

Baienwei Co.,Ltd offers custom aluminum 4047/AlSi12 alloy for sale.Most sizes are available in stock and tailored size alloy products will be manufactured quickly. Welcome to contact our team.

We serve the packaging solutions from the initial research and development to the subsequence processing,

including the welding and electroplating services.Aim to the AlSi12/4047 aluminum alloy,it has outstanding welding performance and always be used as cover plates or lids in electronic and allied industries.Baienwei aluminum 4047 alloy as a thermal management material,its processed by rapid solidification provides good corrosion resistance, 

improved fluidity during welding process with smooth finishes, as well as reduced shrinkage.It is suitable for 

elevated temperature operations. 

Main attributes of BEW 4047 aluminum alloy:

Lower weight;

Excellent welding performance superior to AA4047;

Smooth finishes;

Readily machinable,plateable.

After-sale service: 

We strive to help our clients to select the suitable material according to the detailed suggestions and offer the high reliability solutions.In the guarantee of keep customer’s processes safer while reducing the environmental impact.In order to remain our products competitive and build our customers' loyalty, our representative will contact you and provide suitable packaging solutions within 24 hours.Consult our team to learn more.

Providing with aluminum 4047 alloy plate free sample, BAIENWEI is one of the competitive aluminum 4047 alloy plate manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to import customized products in stock from our factory.