AlSi50(Controlled Expansion Al-50Si) Alloy Housing

AlSi50(Controlled Expansion Al-50Si) Alloy Housing

The Controlled Expansion Al-50%Si alloy often used as housings in the enclose for electronics.

Product Details

In the recent advancement of the development of new lightweight material, the silicon-aluminum(AlSi) alloy plays a vital role in a wide range of application,such as the electronics packaging housings.It has the lower weight,higher thermal conductivity,better performance with the comparision of casting iron alloys.

Compared with steel,this product Al-50%Si alloy gives you a number of key benefits,including:

●  Less than 1/3 the weight;

●  Almost 3 times higher thermal conductivity;

●  Same coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE).

Product showcase:

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