Alloy Wafers

Alloy Wafers

Tian Baienwei New Material Technology Co.Ltd manufactures components used in the electronics industry,especially specialty alloy.By adopting the rapid solidification process, our company fabricates a family of silicon-aluminum alloys,such as alloy wafers,which are made up of 70% silicon and 30% aluminium.

Product Details

High performance AlSi70 alloy or AlSi80 alloy wafers' substrates are used in photosensitive semiconductor devices.

Baienwei company produces AlSi70 alloy wafer's substrate generally are used for:

 High power/brightness LED;

● Photovoltaic cells in the PV market;

● Wafer level packaging.

Silicon wafers are a key component in integrated circuits. Integrated circuits are, simply put, a composite of various electronic components that are arranged to perform a specific function. Silicon is the principle platform for semiconductor devices. A wafer, also called a substrate,is a thin slice of semiconductor, such as a crystalline silicon , used in electronics for the fabrication of integrated circuit (IC) and in photovoltaics for conventional, wafer-based solar cells.As a vertical material supplier,Si-30%Al alloy or Si-20%Al alloy chosen are typically used in high-power light emitting diode(LED) .

There are different silicon fabrication methods including the horizontal gradient freeze method, the horizontal bridgeman method, the vertical bridgeman method, the vertical gradient freeze and finally the Czochralski pulling method.During the growth process intentional additions of dopants can be added to the to change the purity of the silicon depending on what the purpose of it will be. These introduced impurities can change the electrical properties of the silicon, which can be useful depending on what the silicon is ultimately being produced for. 

Main benefits of Si-30%Al alloy substrates:

● CTE compatible with compound semiconductor material;


 High thermal conductivity;

 Lower cost.