Al-Si Alloy Housings For Electronic Application

Al-Si Alloy Housings For Electronic Application

The AlSi alloys,also called the controlled expansion Si/Al alloys with the properties of dimensional stability comparable with steel and iron-casting alloys and very good formability and machinability resulting from its fine and homogenous structural.

Product Details

A new class of controlled expansion Si/Al alloys are being increasingly used for electronic packages. The Si/Al alloy materials created in this manner possesses a particularly fine grain and homogenous microstructure.Products made from AlSi alloy material have asserted themselves on the market-place due to the low coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE),lower weight as well as higher thermal conductivity properties.

The controlled expansion Si/Al alloy(Si content by the weight of 27%~80%) also has the further properties:

●  Pre-select coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE) in the range of 7~17ppm/℃,it can be tailored to all sizes and shapes for different applications.

●  Outstanding thermo-mechanical stability;

●   Primary silicon distribute well,no macro segregation,finely and equiaxed grains(average grain size is about 10μm), relative density could reach up to 100%;

●   Easy of machined(e.g.CNC/EDM),platability and weldability;

●   Environmentally friendly,present no disposal problem;

●   Excellent electrical conductivity(Perfect EMI/RFI shielding performance).

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