Al-50%Si Radar Package

Al-50%Si Radar Package

Wide range of radar manufacturers prefer to choose Baienwei Co.,Ltd alloy materials featuring proven excellent EMI/RFI shielding,low thermal expansion coefficients(CTE),low density(less than aluminum) and higher thermal conductivity.

Product Details

Baienwei Co.Ltd is expert of provide the advanced packaging materials.Supported by a group of engineers and mass-production managers meticulously executed and experienced based on the proprietary patents and numerous issued patents,our company manufactures the new materials which are binary silicon-aluminum alloys,such as the alloy material Al-50%Si.With the combination of excellent properties of EMI/RFI shielding,low thermal expansion(CTE),higher thermal conductivity,low density(less than aluminum) and thermo-mechanical stability etc,Al-50%Si alloy materials have being used as radar packages components(e.g,high power T/R modules or high-power magnifier)in radar communications.


Mechanical and thermal properties:

Grade:Al-50Si controlled expansion alloy


●Tensile Strength:220MPa

●Yield Strength:210MPa

●Poisson's Ratio:0.28


●Elastic Modulus:108GPa

●Specific heat capacity(metric system):0.796J/g-°C

●CTE(at 25℃):11ppm/℃

●Thermal Conductivity(at 25℃):140W/m-K

We would like to simply illustrate the main characteristics of 50Si/50Al alloy.Compared with steel,the controlled expansion Al-50%Si alloy has the main following benefits,including 1/3 weight of steel,appropriate 3x higher thermal conductivity and same CTE.We strive to be the largest and best supplier in China,welcome to contact us if you have any interest of our products.

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